SalmaFX Trader App Offers Ease of Trading Anywhere and Anytime

SalmaFX Trader App Offers Ease of Trading Anywhere and Anytime


Salma Markets Companies, the largest forex trading brokerage company in Indonesia, launched the SalmaFX Trader App, the first trading application in Indonesia with the aim of improving services to make it easier for customers to make transactions.

“The digital age provides an excellent opportunity to make money from anywhere using just a mobile phone,” said Chief Operating Officer of Salma Markets, Annie Luong.

SalmaFX Trader App Offers Ease of Trading Anywhere and Anytime

In the SalmaFX Trader App there are complete features such as updates on price movements, news, and notification of trading opportunities by connecting to Metatrader. And customers can make financial transactions such as Deposit Funds, Withdraw Funds and there is Customer Service online 24 hours non-stop that is ready to help customers.


Annie Luong said with the advent of the SalmaFX Trader App mobile app, trading can be done anywhere, whenever you are in the office, outdoors or anywhere. The online trading process is now easier and faster. Moreover, it is made to be suitable for use by all types of Traders.

How to Try Salma Markets Mobile Trading

With the SalmaFX Trader App, it’s very easy to make mobile trades. You can easily download the SalmaFX Trader App on the App Store or Google Play. To understand the application and help novice traders, Salma Markets offers a Virtual Account or Demo Account of $10,000.

Make Money with Modern Investment Apps

“Forex trading is an investment instrument that is in great demand by many people, especially millennials, in Indonesia alone 70% of customers or traders at Salma Markets come from Millennials. Forex trading with Salma Markets is very easy to do, it only takes 5 minutes, namely by downloading SalmaFX Trader App and register to open a trading account and make a Fund Deposit as capital for making transactions. After that, customers can immediately feel the money from forex trading with Salma Markets,” added Annie Luong.

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SalmaFX Trader App has useful features and tools that make investing even smoother and more convenient. Thanks to these features, even beginners in finance can make a profit right from the start.

The largest Forex Loyalty Program

Salma Markets 7th anniversary, Salma Markets hosts the largest forex loyalty program with a total prize pool of $10,000,000. This program runs from November 25, 2021 to June 25, 2022. Only by making transactions or trading with Salma Markets customers have the opportunity to win prizes in the form of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R ABS, $320,000 worth of cash, and various additional prizes. other.

For Information Salma Markets is an international forex broker founded in 2014. In 2016, the company has built an impressive customer base of more than 700,000 accounts opened in more than 4 Asian countries. 2,000,000 SalmaMarkets clients in 2017 & over 50,000,000 orders.


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